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wordzoo is a Sydney-based copywriting and editing service, specialising in financial services.


    • makes the complex simple
    • makes the simple interesting
    • makes your customers listen.

“The ability to express an idea is well nigh as important as the idea itself.”
Bernard Baruch

Uniquely adapted

Why financial services?
You might think a former accountant writing copy is a bit of a stretch. And it probably was when I first made the switch over a decade ago. But I came to realise that a head for numbers and a passion for words is a handy adaptation. And it’s helped me write simple, intelligent and engaging copy for some of Australia’s biggest financial services companies.


Paul Farrugia Director, wordzoo

Be noticed

What does wordzoo create?

    • Advertisements. From concepts to copy, ads that will get noticed.
    • Email campaigns. Make your emails worth opening.
    • Articles. It’s an opportunity to inform and educate. Don’t waste it.
    • Web copy. Turn your browsers into buyers.
    • Marketing brochures. They can be good for more than just recycling.
    • Seminars and presentations. Keep your audience in captivity.
    • Audio and video scripts. You’ve only got 30 seconds. Use it wisely.

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